Praise For Grace

You have meant the whole world to me; my mentor and guide. I have held on to my sessions like a drowning woman at times. You have stuck with me through thick and thin with infinite patience and loving support.

I remember where I was at the end of 2010; not sleeping for nights on end, stomach pains, unable to go far afield on my own, anxious, panicky, in low spirits, unable to work, to write or to draw and with a prescription for anti depressants in my hand. Now I sleep through the nights and can get on a train…hardly any of the IBS symptoms, I feel more confident and am enjoying so many things again.  We have had so many laughs together. And all the while you have been modelling for me how to be a ruthless and persistant practitioner. Thank god and you and RGS (and me) that I never had to take the medications.

The beautiful unfoldments, the transformations and the newness of being are precious and delicate. The distance I had travelled in time and space; the connections I had made; and to the particular impact of the transformations.  Words cannot express what you could call the almost spiritual moments of realisation, forgiveness, release and the ensuing moments of…bliss.

It is hard to say thank you enough. I do feel inadequate for that; to do proper justice to something so important, so valuable and momentous. I long to give you a proper hug when you finally get to England and thank you in person. Virtual hugs and kisses till then.    — Jane O. April 11, 2012

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You were central and pivotal to my recovery from the train wreck that came to you in January. You not only got me on track but were so helpful toward the end product of helping me to heal myself. That is priceless. You are so quietly good at what you do and I appreciate your gentle loving approach. You were always loving but you held my feet to the fire and we got it done! You are super good at this stuff!  Thank you for sharing your talent and caring with me! You are very special!Carol Costello, July 8, 2014

Dear Amazing Grace, A productive session, we had. The best golf this year. After 6 holes, I stood at even par, hitting many good shots. Only 1 bad shot to laugh at. The 3rd hole saw me make a long putt for a birdie. The last three holes got some laughs. A golf Pro could not have helped me like you did. I’m grateful. Can hardly wait to get out on the course again.G. C., Age 87, July 9, 2014

After our last session, I honestly had zero intention of trying to fly without any meds. I was caught off guard, honestly, with the direction of our session. I thought we were just going to focus on my fears of flying, not actually the meds part of it. So my plan was to take ‘half’ the prescribed dose and tap if I needed to. When we arrived at the airport, a calmness came over me. One that I can’t EVER remember feeling. I thought to myself “Could I actually do this?” “Am I crazy to try this?” I went back and forth with all these thoughts, but still felt so incredibly peaceful. So guess what? I DID IT!!! BOTH WAYS!!! NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!!” How incredibly free I feel getting control again of my thoughts and being able to fly without any worry or dependence!! The technique you used on me REALLY works! I can’t thank you enough, Grace!!! I have already booked our next vacation and am 100% confident that it will be a pleasure to fly! See you soon!Kim L. April 2014

Grace, I would like to thank you for the major changes that I have in my life after our sessions.  A few months ago I had a crossfire session that produced a major personality change after a lifetime mind set was shattered.  It was like I woke up from a stupor and became aware of the world around me as it was happening.  I became aware that I had many unfinished projects all around me and that I was not able to keep a simple plan.  In fact if I made plans, I would do the opposite and completely sabotage what I was currently doing.  I tapped on this and got others to tap on me. However, the problem persisted and I found myself going backward in relation to establishing a solid FasterEFT business, not to mention all the other unfinished projects that were looming in front of me.  That’s when I had the sessions with you. You worked on one memory for a long time. It was a memory that had been worked on twice before, however, you tapped on every conceivable part; all the sub-modalities and every other aspect of the memory. I had been use to flipping the memory fast.  What you did, rewrote many environmental triggers. Things like looking at the oak tree in the yard.  When the wind would blow a certain way it would trigger the desire to run away and find someplace where no one could see me. Now I look at that tree and laugh.  This is just one example of the trigger changes. 

Since our sessions, I have been successfully and constantly following a plan for business and for eating with the FasterEFT weight loss program.  I have lost 10 lbs and looking forward to the getting rid of the rest.  I have heard you referred to as “old school”.  I am so glad that you are.  I believe that it is important that we honor the pioneers who stick to the “Old school” ways keeping the foundations sure as we move forward with new inventive techniques. I appreciate what crossfire does.  It is amazing and I love what you did for me. Thank you Grace for the endurance and sacrifice that you have displayed in faithfully working with Robert to establish FasterEFT and make it what it is today. You are a remarkable lady. For those who will understand, My hat is off to ya!

 Sincerely grateful, — David C. Stewart, Level III FasterEFT Practitioner, April 2014

I am overflowing with gratitude for the changes in my life. So many things are healing, changing and clearing.  

Two months ago, before I started FasterEFT, I was suffering with such extreme symptoms of CFS/ME that I couldn’t even be with my daughter unless I had additional help from a family member or friend.  I was unable to walk up the stairs to her bedroom, or down the stairs to our basement to take out garbage.  My life had become so limited and increasingly isolated.  I was feeling extremely depressed about how little of my previously exuberant (pre-CFS) self I was able to access.

I have now been tapping consistently for two months, with weekly sessions, as well as tapping every day on myself.  I saw the changes, and the possibilities, early on and have become totally committed to healing myself through this process.  Today I was able to drive 3 hrs round trip to do a FasterEFT session on someone else, which was an incredible journey unto itself.  In addition,  I hung two huge pieces of art in my living room, walked my dogs in the morning, returned 5 or 6 important phone calls in addition to cooking healthy meals, cleaning my house, and meditating.  I haven’t needed to lay down at all today.   Two or three months ago this would have seemed like a fantasy life.  Someone else’s life.  A life I used to have but didn’t anymore.  Today, though, it was my life.  Words cannot express the depth of what it means to be getting my life back. I know you know what this means.  It is perhaps the greatest gift I have ever been given.  

Tapping is not only increasing my health and vitality every day, but it is also clearing my ability to understand others through what they say/don’t say, body language etc.  It’s giving me so much clarity into seeing and understanding myself, as well as increasing my intuitive understanding of other people.  It’s incredible, and I wanted to share with you this moment of total joy and wonder I am having.

 With great love and appreciation, — Tristan Nathe Nov. 26, 2013

I was looking for a holistic healing modality and stumbled upon FasterEFT. I tapped on my own for a while but felt my progress would be helped by a FasterEFT practitioner. I came across Grace and her videos. I knew she was who I wished to work with and boy, am I glad I did! 

Grace is a warm, friendly, sensitive and non-judgmental professional who has the ability to help me feel safe and supported while delving deep inside my subconscious to clear some difficult and self-limiting beliefs. I am amazed at how I can go from being super emotional to feeling light and liberated in such a short period of time! I am very thankful for the profound and lasting shifts that have come about as a result of my Skype sessions! 

Grace taught me highly effective techniques that I continue to use when the need arises. There is no doubt of the genuine concern and love for people Grace has which is evident by the results she helps people achieve! 

Thank you Grace! — Sue, Ontario, Canada Nov. 30, 2013

I knew about FasterEFT about 3 years ago, i started seeing the free videos on YouTube and made my first try on the Peace List, i also began tapping on myself with my understanding. But i’ve had problems addressing my emotion so the tapping was not working properly. 

Anyway i tried and tried some days per week. Even though i have not releasing emotions i felt inside me that FasterEFT is the way to go. I was motivated looking the results in the videos and the Grace testimony of Fibromialgia.

Years passed and i began having seriously problems in my job, concentration problems until i lost my job because of lack of production. In that moment i realize that it was the moment to solve my life and i schudule 3 sessions (2 hours each) with Grace (Denali Dragonfly). 

I started my sessions with a very big peace list, 250+ issues, no job, desperate to find one. After the sessions with Grace with her guide and coaching i was able to tap on myself with confidence, removing issues, finding new resources that make me feel happy with no reason. So I began to notice that my reactions were on the positive way and after about a month I get a very good job, one that i can imagine.

Conclusion: i thank specially to Grace because of her professionality and love she has for her job to help others with FasterEFT, now i can see a solution to my life and also motivated to became someday a FasterEFT practioner on my country.

Blessing to all of you.  —J Mariano Burgos Q, Mexico Feb. 9, 2013

Last year I got to know Grace. We were laying on our dear friend Linda Esser’s bed talking, singing, telling stories. Linda said, “You guys are going to be friends.” She was right. Not only did we become friends, but my life grew into moments of occasional great joy.

Linda had introduced me to tapping and got me started to the point of recognizing that my questions about life were only the beginnings of unwrapping my true self. Linda handed me off to Grace; she knew I would be in good hands. Linda had told me many times that Grace is the only practitioner that she would trust. She referred people to Grace, and only Grace. My dear Linda has amazing judgment. Grace has helped me move from learning what the questions might be to understanding why I ask the questions.

Grace and I have been working together and unfolding my true self: the Me that is worthy of being loved by me. Grace has taught me how to replace the darkness with love for me.  I have been in counseling for years working on how to feel the emotion when it comes. Finally, someone has taught me how to feel in the moment. Grace has taught me how to tap on my unresolved emotions as they come. I feel the unease and tap. Grace has given me the skills to take care of myself and honor this amazing gift, my precious and valued life full of love and sprinkled with laughter.    — Susan Bradley, Norman OK Feb. 2012

Hi! I’d like to say few words about my teacher and my friend Grace Jones. I have known Grace only for a couple years or so, and have worked with her for about a year, but that’s when my life started to change. I never gave her much to work with but she skillfully and patiently worked with me through so much stuff, I didn’t even know was there. She was able to masterfully worm through my mind and help me change my life. I cannot fully express my gratitude to her for dedication in each session, very intense, through all the emotions Grace was steadfast. Right from the beginning I felt complete trust with and was able reveal my inner self to her so we could work. As a FEFT practitioner, it has helped me immensely to work with my clients. I can’t tell you how much that has helped me help others. Thank you Grace, a true Master.   Love, Robin Smith Level III FEFT Practitioner, B.C. Canada Feb. 10, 2012

Grace has offered me the safe place of unconditional love to explore my deepest pain, which I have not wanted to feel. Now, once I feel it, I can release it.  Grace is not only a facilitator to help me to learn FasterEFT but also is a fellow human being on my path.  She inspired me from the first time I read her story of determination to heal from debilitating disability.  She is a real leader, mentor, and offers so much more than just her services as a Master Practitioner of FasterEFT.  She knows how to “pay it forward” with her talents, gifts and wisdom and does this every day through her YouTube videos and monitoring FaceBook group pages. I took on a motto she teaches, “You’ve got a problem? Just tap.” I hope one day her story will be out there for many to experience what I have. It is INSPIRATION to know that you CAN overcome any dis-ease in the body, if you get in touch with the feelings that created it, and LET IT GO!  Grace is living proof.    

With much love, Sharon Thompson, Lincoln, KS Feb. 13, 2012

One of the most valuable things I learned from Grace is persistence – calm persistence. From watching her on You Tube, to working with her one on one, her gentle reminders are always there – be persistent until the issue is completely cleared. Grace is a master, both as a practitioner and as an example of what is possible through consistent tapping.    —Judy A., Palm Harbor, FL March 6, 2012

The transformations in my life have been subtle and profound. In my adult life I have known about the connection between the subconscious and the body and have always worked to keep the channel clear. This technique of Faster EFT as practiced with me by Grace has heightened that connection and allowed me to get to the roots and tunnels that have remained buried even through many years of psychotherapy. The sessions have produced in me a new confidence and sense of engagement in my own physical and emotional health that has been missing. Thank you, Grace.    —Virginia Harrison, Santa Rosa, CA

I had a rash on my legs that I couldn’t get rid of. I thought, “I wonder if Faster EFT could help me with this rash”. I asked to have a session with Grace. It was fascinating how this technique revealed an associated memory that I had no conscious awareness of a connection to this rash. After tapping to release this one memory during the session with Grace, my rash quickly resolved by the next day and has not returned. This work is amazing.    —Bonnie Lewallen, RN, Littleton, CO

Amazing Grace, How sweet are the sounds, images, and emotions you helped me transform. The physical and emotional pain patterns that have anchored me in the past, you helped me release.

I am a person who has studied and practiced many body, mind, emotion healing techniques, so I recognize that your FasterEFT approach is a combination of several of these modalities. However, the essence of your being is the catalyst that made this experience so healing for me at a cellular, spiritual level.

During our session together, I felt that your grounded, compassionate, calm focus on me — with true & deep listening and appropriate guidance of mental image movement — allowed me to let go of past negative patterns and to confidently journey differently into the present and future. Thank you for the Gifts of yourself and your talents.

Over four decades of study, practice and receiving psychotherapeutic techniques, your practice with me of “Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations” is the quickest and most effective! I am truly grateful!    —Judy Feland, Boulder CO

It’s still simply amazing to me that you were able to collapse 8 or 9 of my negative memories in about 30 minutes during our first session together!! I was floating in peace for DAYS after that. Some of those memories have been with me for 30+ years, and now the energy around them is just a neutral calm. Your voice is soothing & non-judgmental, yet you are strong and determined to get to the root of my emotional triggers. Whereas I feared looking at my greatest resentments before working with you, I am now confident that once I do it will be the last time I have to go there. Can’t wait till I can work with you again, Grace! Much Love!    —Leslie Gahagan, Sheboygan, WI

I have known Grace now for about 60 years or all of my life.  We are first cousins.  My father is her mother’s brother.  They were a very close family with visits, family reunions and holidays.  Although I have many cousins I am closer to Grace than all the others.  We have shared trips together, water skiing, meals, music, summer camp and art shows at museums and galleries.  We have talked about religion, art, music, philosophy and relationships and we have bared our souls in many ways to each other.  Grace is one of the most wonderful, beautiful people I know and I treasure our relationship together.  I was so sad and concerned when she got so sick and weak with her illness.  I was so thankful that she found tapping and the miracle of her healing because of tapping.  I know Grace is very compassionate and she wants to help people and heal people.  That is her nature.

Grace was able to help me when I had a lot of pain in my knees and plantar fasciitis  in my feet.  Over the phone she would help me tap the pain away.  She was also able to help me with some depression issues that stemmed from some issues I had with my mother.  Through talking and tapping she was able to help me replace negative memories and emotions with positive memories and emotions.  She was able to help me replace bad painful memories with good pleasant memories.  I cannot explain how or why it works but can just say that it does.    In Christ Love,  Craig Kirby, Ft. Collins, CO

Thank you, Grace, for your help in getting me through a rough time.  I so appreciate how very present you were throughout our sessions.  Even though you were structured in your approach, it felt that nothing you did was done on auto-pilot, but you were really touching what was happening in the moment.  After the first session, I was so emotionally overwhelmed by the tidal wave of things that started surfacing as we were tapping, my body was literally shaking, and I couldn’t even stand up for a few minutes afterward. (Amazing how powerful the unconscious mind is!) It was comforting having you there to care, understand, and guide me through that BIG process!  After it was done, I felt so much lighter and more joyful, and after a few sessions with you, I even felt different, physically.  Some back problems went away, which, now that I think about it, haven’t ever returned!  Thank you, and many blessings!    —A.S., Emporia, KS

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