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Grace began posting videos on YouTube in 2007. Her Alaska nature walks were an important part of her healing practice. Soon after learning new transformational self-healing skills, she started posting videos about her daily healing practice. After seven years some questions arose and Grace made private most of the How To and Testimonial videos. The FasterEFT Feedback playlist gives a few of Grace’s concerns that led to her departure from that organization and modality.  Click here for more video information.

Click here to jump to four chronological video playlists.
& The Start of Grace’s Healing
2. DURING Grace’s Early Healing
3. AFTER Healing From Disabling Symptoms
4. NOW Following The Flow In Today.
5. FasterEFT Feedback

To SUBSCRIBE to current uploads on Grace’s YouTube Channel, notice in the column to the right, below the Denali Dragonfly logo, select the RED YouTube button. You can also click on that logo to go to the channel and select the red SUBSCRIBE button on the far right under the banner photo.

The videos below are continuous playlists.

While a video plays, you can skip forward or backward with the double arrows in the lower left corner of the video frame. The title of each video shows in the top margin of the video frame.

Click on the upper left corner where it says Playlist to scroll through thumbnails and titles of each video to select a specific topic.

BEFORE & The Start of Grace’s Healing


DURING Grace’s Early Healing


AFTER Healing From Disabling Symptoms


NOW Following The Flow In Today


2015 FasterEFT Feedback

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