Emotionally Focused Transformations

Emotionally Focused Transformations* is a powerful system of a wide variety of skills and techniques that may be used to effectively address and change emotions, beliefs, attitudes, actions and behaviors. Because of the mind/body response, many unwanted physical symptoms may be released at the same time. Persistent practice of the process empowers you to take control of your thoughts and emotions to transform your life.

Grace’s Story Mine is an amazing example of how truly powerful it is to take personal responsibility, practice self-observation and self-control. After healing from three years of disabling symptoms, I can now travel the world and help other change their lives. For more details CLICK HERE.

My transformation was a combination of: 1) weekly sessions with a trained practitioner to learn self-healing with stress and trauma release skills, 2) perpetual self-observation and awareness called Mindfulness, and 3) personal daily practice of the skills to release the things I didn’t want in my life; symptoms, sensations, negative emotions, beliefs, thoughts and memories. Being mindful and self-observing in each moment is the key to healing as I go, but my experience was that deep healing came from cleaning up the emotional traumas from my past and childhood. For the first five years of daily practice, that is how I got the biggest releases in body and mind. Then my response to the some of the skills began to change, and as a practitioner helping others, I began to change some of the ways I use the skills both personally and professionally.

I encourage you to work with a fully qualified practitioner to be sure you understand the skill-set and how to use it for best results. The free videos do not tell the whole story or process and comparing yourself to others may not be helpful. Find a trustworthy, experienced practitioner who is a good match for your needs in order to benefit from customized, experienced help.

As I have semi-retired, the number of new clients I accept is limited to those whose applications and intake interview seem like we are a good match. I will be happy to consider work with you after you complete my New Client Application. You can also find another qualified practitioner.

Whatever you choose, remember, healing is a process not an event. It took me 2.5 years of daily personal practice before I was completely healed from disabling symptoms. Aiming correctly is the key and persistence is you best friend. See you soon!

*aka FasterEFT or FEFT — These two names Grace stopped using in late 2015 to help people understand she practices only the safest techniques she used between 2008-2011 to heal herself and help others. In 2009, Emotionally Focused Transformations was the meaning Robert G. Smith gave to his use of the letters EFT. Some of the FasterEFT or FEFT techniques introduced during and after 2012 have had mixed results and Grace does NOT use them in client sessions. Therefore, Grace no longer uses the names FasterEFT or FEFT to help clarify the difference in her practice.

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