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Flip Religious Solicitors

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Working on the book, I hear a knock at the front door. I consider not answering, but go anyway, thinking it may be a neighbor. It’s two young men from the Mormon Church. I’m never inclined to spend much time with them or the Jehovah’s Witness, but I am polite. I tell them that I’ve heard of their church and I don’t practice any religion, but I am spiritual and practice that in a personal way. They don’t understand what that means and begin to ask questions. I tell them religion is humans seeking God, spirituality it God’s connection with us. They say they like to practice their faith in a...

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Seeking My Internal Guru

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I worked on the book for 1.5 hours Monday. It was good. I kept it simple by just proofreading and editing the first chapter, which is already fairly clean. It’s an easy way back into the work since I’ve been through it many times before. There are still a few lingering emotions around the family issues, maybe because some patterns still linger in the present. I took a couple short breaks and the last one I turned the music on loud and danced for five minutes. That was great! I will do that a lot. It was still about 20° and sunny outside. Since I wasn’t going to walk I got out of the house by...

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Don’t Hold Yourself Back

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Watching Tiffany and Heather is great for a lot of people, but there will be some who cannot relate to their stories when they can relate to others or mine. My parents were mostly calm, loving, supportive and encouraging. My childhood traumas were not so dramatic. There was no alcohol or drugs, no death threats or rape. Still, somehow I picked up some patterns of belief and behavior that led to similar symptoms showing up in my body. I know there are thousands like me who will not be able to relate to extremely violent childhoods. Those are the people I hope to reach. The world needs to hear...

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What To Do Now?

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Depression, disability, drugs, entertainment, Faster EFT, Fibromyalgia, healing, QA, Robert Smith, Tapping, YouTube | 0 comments

Unexpectedly time has opened up on my calendar. I watch my thoughts around it. I see how old patterns of belief want to grab hold of it and make it into a worry. I know everything is in Divine Order. I have observed the ebb and flow of clients and it’s part of the natural rhythm. This is my opportunity to do some things I have put off or resisted. I used to work on more projects when I had less time than I’ve had recently. I have very little interest in sitting home alone anymore. I want to get out and mix with the rest of the world, even if it is on FaceBook. I’m browsing there again. I can...

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Take Control of Your Trances

Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 in dying, entertainment, Faster EFT, healing, heart, Robert Smith, Tapping, trauma, travel | 0 comments

This work is all too serious. My Point of Contact needs to stop taking everything so seriously and I need to help my clients do the same. I am exploring new ways to create laughter in sessions. Laughter is the best medicine and a great trance breaker. I teach Robert’s concept that we are Trance Monkeys and all those memories and feelings we tap away are just trances, not real, not happing now. Most of us live in whatever story or trance we are making up and telling ourselves in the moment. I instructed a client on how to use the Fake Laugh Technique and I used the monkey laugh from an iPad...

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My Internal Dialogue Creates My Life

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Emotion, entertainment, Faster EFT, Fibromyalgia, healing, Linda Esser, pace, Recovery, Robert Smith, Tapping | 0 comments

Friday was wonderful and full of proof for how my outer world shifts when I change my internal dialogue and perspective. It can be as simple as changing clothes or looking through different glasses. When I change what I hold from lifelong patterns of belief and behavior and how I represent my world, everything and everyone in my world seems to change. It was still the same room, same situation, same people, the only thing that changed is what I was do inside myself. When I arrived two people asked if they could catch a ride with me to Friends Club in the evening. People came up to ask me for...

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