The Sweet Zone

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I am sweetly in the zone of allowing whatever IS to simply BE, without any resistance or judgment. Any physical symptom I notice I just aim and gently tap knowing my unconscious will release its resources with the manifestations. I loved Robert’s rephrased concept, “The mind holds the memory and replays it in the body.” I know as I release it from the body, it will also be released from the mind and I don’t need to know what the memory was. The conscious mind wants to label it, figure it out, analyze it, understand it and answer the question, “Why?” Give up the need to know why. Just aim at...

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Basking In Bliss

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After waking up from a dream where I was flying, I basked in the peaceful bliss in bed and remembered this is the same way I felt when I went to sleep. Pam’s session was exactly what we both needed. The end was a wonderful blissful positive state that we recorded so we can both practice. It felt like a prayer. It was, a 17-minute prayer full of good stuff. We knew it was for both of us equally, even though I used her words in the beginning, I know my representations and silently slipped them into my mind as I spoke. After six minutes I felt a connection within me and stopped using my notes...

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What If I Suspend That Belief?

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One reason we are so good at focusing on and practicing the negative is that our educational system has conditioned us to solve problems. Our minds do it automatically so if there is not a problem to solve it looks for one. Whatever it looks for it will find or produce. I notice resistance to reject that system since I come from a family of educators. We need to retrain our minds to look for happiness to enjoy while creating fun positive states. Pam watched all Eric’s recent video posts and used his approach on me in my session. I knew it wasn’t a FasterEFT session but I went with it. I had...

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Happy New Day!

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Happy New Day!

It IS a Happy New Year. It is interesting how we set it up with the manmade concept of time to give ourselves the illusion of a new beginning every 365 days. It’s a good thing for sure, but since it’s all made up we could do it any time we want. Are we any different one minute after midnight than we were the minute before? Nothing changed that led up to that minute, except our minds and the stories we tell ourselves about it. Still it is a good practice to have once a year to let the past go and move on into a new paradigm. If we truly want to live in the new model, and follow through with...

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Neuroscience and FasterEFT

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Thanks Grace. I will look into it. I will consider buying the Ultimate Training set. By the way, I am doing tapping and a lot of NLP/life coaching stuff in my Life Empowerment class that I offer every week. Robert’s system is very NLPish, and I love it. I am a Neuroscientist by day as I am a professor at a small college and do research on how information is processed in the brain. Robert’s ideas fit with a lot of the recent research in Neuroscience. Please feel free to share what I say with anyone (especially Robert). There is actually Neuroscience research, which is fairly new,...

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Healed To Become A Healer

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by B. Grace Jones Moving to Alaska began as a spectacular adventure. My life reached a peak I had never imagined possible. After my 40-hour work-weeks in Anchorage, I explored Alaska on weekends and holidays. I built a tight network of wonderful friends and was literally “On Top of the World.” Six years later my world came crashing down, dragging me into three years of total disability in the isolated, great white north. Ultimately, that led me to something even more spectacular. For two decades I worked full time in Oklahoma by regularly pushing through waves of muscle pain, fatigue and a...

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