It Changes You — Dirty Kanza 200

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It Changes You — Dirty Kanza 200

Vibrating with raw energy, enthusiasm and excitement, the registrants for the Dirty Kanza 200 pack into The Granada in Emporia. This is the World’s Premier Gravel Grinder bicycle race right here in my hometown with over 1200 riders from 45 states and 7 countries. After my first half hour as a Gravel Groupie Volunteer, it is time for the riders’ meeting. There is a documentary video/slide show feeding more inspiration into the theater occupants. After all the photos and descriptions of riders grinding over 200 miles of gravel, the show ends with three words across a Flint Hills panorama, “It...

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Two Remarkable Surprises

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Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is a remarkable surprise. I have an hour of reflexology and an hour of JSJ. During the hour process of JSJ we don’t talk, there is no music, just lovely silence. Afterward I feel like I’ve had a full body massage. The only massage done was on my feet, nowhere else. After a light supper I sit at my MacBook in the dining room and fully notice the sensations in my body. It’s almost indescribable, since I’ve never felt quite like it before. It is a sense of every cell in my body having equal energy movement. I feel inwardly balanced, integrated and harmonious. I am aware of...

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Don’t Hold Yourself Back

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Watching Tiffany and Heather is great for a lot of people, but there will be some who cannot relate to their stories when they can relate to others or mine. My parents were mostly calm, loving, supportive and encouraging. My childhood traumas were not so dramatic. There was no alcohol or drugs, no death threats or rape. Still, somehow I picked up some patterns of belief and behavior that led to similar symptoms showing up in my body. I know there are thousands like me who will not be able to relate to extremely violent childhoods. Those are the people I hope to reach. The world needs to hear...

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Why Am I Not Healed Yet?

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I awoke with pain across my lower back. Now what! I tapped so I could get up. I still tap as I write and drink Maple Mocha. My mind/body system knows how to get my attention with similar symptoms that once disabled me. Just because I have pain today doesn’t mean the Fibromyalgia is back. It just means that’s how my system gets my attention to heal deeper. Besides, if I can tap it away once I can tap it away again. It’s frustrating when clients compare themselves to what they see in the videos. “Why am I not healed yet?” Please understand only the successes are posted. Not everyone gets it...

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Out of The Muck

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I edited and posted Walk The Talk I Give Others. It was 1388 words that I whittled down to 900. Still long, but has two parts. The first is principles of healing and the second is my personal practices after two big triggers last week. Editing goes faster when I do it quickly and take a break before another run through. Breaks give me the fresh angle where different stuff jumps out that needs to be cut or condensed. I repeat myself and use different phrases for the same concept. From stream of consciousness Morning Pages I need to rearrange or combine paragraphs. I got a nice surprise in the...

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The Eternal Question

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Linda Esser kept secrets. One that she kept from me was that I was her best friend. I did not consciously know that until others began to tell me after she died. Maybe she thought it was understood, but Linda never told me, and that alone speaks volumes about Linda. She was a very private person even with those who knew her best. My perception of a best friend is someone you share everything with. We were very close for two decades and I shared everything with her, but it didn’t seem to go both ways. I knew there was a lot she didn’t tell me, but I figured she was telling someone else. It...

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