Real Time

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Who will I be if I let go of my stories? Writers attract and create stories. Who will we be if we try to have a conversation without telling each other our stories? What will we talk about? Concepts, principles, wisdom, lessons, but sometimes it is the story that illustrates to give a clear understanding. So there is a time and place for the story, as long as we are not addicted to and stuck in our story. I have lived and learned so much since my last blog post in early June. The semi-daily posts stopped mid-March when I returned to work on my book. The last three were spaced far apart after...

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It Changes You — Dirty Kanza 200

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It Changes You — Dirty Kanza 200

Vibrating with raw energy, enthusiasm and excitement, the registrants for the Dirty Kanza 200 pack into The Granada in Emporia. This is the World’s Premier Gravel Grinder bicycle race right here in my hometown with over 1200 riders from 45 states and 7 countries. After my first half hour as a Gravel Groupie Volunteer, it is time for the riders’ meeting. There is a documentary video/slide show feeding more inspiration into the theater occupants. After all the photos and descriptions of riders grinding over 200 miles of gravel, the show ends with three words across a Flint Hills panorama, “It...

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Flip Religious Solicitors

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Working on the book, I hear a knock at the front door. I consider not answering, but go anyway, thinking it may be a neighbor. It’s two young men from the Mormon Church. I’m never inclined to spend much time with them or the Jehovah’s Witness, but I am polite. I tell them that I’ve heard of their church and I don’t practice any religion, but I am spiritual and practice that in a personal way. They don’t understand what that means and begin to ask questions. I tell them religion is humans seeking God, spirituality it God’s connection with us. They say they like to practice their faith in a...

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I cleared my calendar for another escape, diversion and distraction. I needed to pull me out of my isolation and loneliness so I planned a trip to Kansas City to connect with other practitioners and friends. Almost as soon as I committed to the trip I didn’t want to go. It was not resistance, it was the thought that popped in, I didn’t even think about how I could clear my calendar and spend that block of time writing my book. The book was still here quietly saying, “But what about me?” There’s the metaphor and I create my pattern with the book, too. Now the book feels left out, left behind...

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Two Remarkable Surprises

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Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is a remarkable surprise. I have an hour of reflexology and an hour of JSJ. During the hour process of JSJ we don’t talk, there is no music, just lovely silence. Afterward I feel like I’ve had a full body massage. The only massage done was on my feet, nowhere else. After a light supper I sit at my MacBook in the dining room and fully notice the sensations in my body. It’s almost indescribable, since I’ve never felt quite like it before. It is a sense of every cell in my body having equal energy movement. I feel inwardly balanced, integrated and harmonious. I am aware of...

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Shining Light On The Darkness

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Thank God for the lovely outpouring of birthday wishes on Thursday. I was still in a depressive funk, but I continued to go through the motions of celebrating in every way The Universe provided. I watched the negativity in my thoughts and allowed them to play out long enough to realize it is nothing I would fully buy into, so why do I allow myself to play with it? It’s a waste of time and not doing my body or me any good. Whatever the thoughts are they register in my body and I don’t need those kinds of physical responses. I’m grateful for the blitz of well wishes on FaceBook. I read every...

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