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WHAT in the WORLD am I doing!?

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WHAT in the WORLD am I doing!?

Why am I indoors on a gorgeously sunny spring Saturday? I could be hiking the Tallgrass Prairie but instead I am vacuuming the 1894 wood plank library sub-floor of an historic old house. WHY? I enjoy the mindlessness of the work and a special feeling of being a tiny part of the restoration of a grand old house. I would be doing this for my own Victorian house if I had not bought the family mid-century house my dad built. Yes, I have work to do at home, but I need a break from the emotion involved there. Methodically and meticulously I vacuum wood shards and sawdust out of cracks and pull...

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Flip Religious Solicitors

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Working on the book, I hear a knock at the front door. I consider not answering, but go anyway, thinking it may be a neighbor. It’s two young men from the Mormon Church. I’m never inclined to spend much time with them or the Jehovah’s Witness, but I am polite. I tell them that I’ve heard of their church and I don’t practice any religion, but I am spiritual and practice that in a personal way. They don’t understand what that means and begin to ask questions. I tell them religion is humans seeking God, spirituality it God’s connection with us. They say they like to practice their faith in a...

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I cleared my calendar for another escape, diversion and distraction. I needed to pull me out of my isolation and loneliness so I planned a trip to Kansas City to connect with other practitioners and friends. Almost as soon as I committed to the trip I didn’t want to go. It was not resistance, it was the thought that popped in, I didn’t even think about how I could clear my calendar and spend that block of time writing my book. The book was still here quietly saying, “But what about me?” There’s the metaphor and I create my pattern with the book, too. Now the book feels left out, left behind...

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Two Remarkable Surprises

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Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is a remarkable surprise. I have an hour of reflexology and an hour of JSJ. During the hour process of JSJ we don’t talk, there is no music, just lovely silence. Afterward I feel like I’ve had a full body massage. The only massage done was on my feet, nowhere else. After a light supper I sit at my MacBook in the dining room and fully notice the sensations in my body. It’s almost indescribable, since I’ve never felt quite like it before. It is a sense of every cell in my body having equal energy movement. I feel inwardly balanced, integrated and harmonious. I am aware of...

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Seeking My Internal Guru

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I worked on the book for 1.5 hours Monday. It was good. I kept it simple by just proofreading and editing the first chapter, which is already fairly clean. It’s an easy way back into the work since I’ve been through it many times before. There are still a few lingering emotions around the family issues, maybe because some patterns still linger in the present. I took a couple short breaks and the last one I turned the music on loud and danced for five minutes. That was great! I will do that a lot. It was still about 20° and sunny outside. Since I wasn’t going to walk I got out of the house by...

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Mindful Love After Love

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Sunday I was inspired to look for a mindfulness video to give my new clients. I need to introduce them to observing their thoughts before we start. That is part of how my mind was set up to help me heal so fast when Linda first taught me to tap. I found several videos but was browsing to see which was best for beginners. I was triggered to tears for an unknown reason by a short video of Jon Kabat-Zinn. Maybe it was because I saw the story of how he began the Mindfulness program in 1979 and how it progressed. It was astounding that when Zinn asked the medical staff what is the patient’s...

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