Imagine Being Human

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After only one week of posts I don’t want to abandon the blog completely. I’ve been going through my days, but boring myself. No point in boring others. The idea is being human; let it flow without obligation. Sometimes a flow is suspended or interrupted, diverted for whatever reasons. I won’t force myself into a rut just because… Two friends showed up yesterday. After an email thread, one suggested we get together. I was honest about the weird/depressed space I’ve been in and haven’t reached out because I don’t want to dump my darkness on others. She said she’s been in plenty of weird dark...

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How Do I Flip the Attitude Switch?

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I need to flip a switch on my attitude. I’ve done it before, but how? Do I start tapping again? Maybe I could use it just for whatever I need to change right now. Don’t do the deep digging into the past; don’t buy into the belief that my whole world can magically be transformed. I will always be me, but I know there is a happier, freer me inside. I seem to have lost that in the fallout after leaving the world of FasterEFT. Many times I hear someone describe a problem, fear, habit, symptom, whatever, and I silently think, “You could tap on that…” It’s just another automatic conditioned...

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Technique To Release Pressure

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Pressure Release Technique I resist using things that are associated with FEFT and that leads me to explore another technique that works. I often use the karate chop point that they mostly stopped because people associate it with the EFT setup process, “Even though I have this…” It works well for self-acceptance and forgiveness. That is the ultimate goal, so I use it. Walking toward the insurance agency, I notice energy drain and gut symptoms. That’s just how my body responds to pressure. I can tap away these feelings, but don’t want to and think of mental tapping. I simply notice the...

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Change Wallow to WE

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I took action to get enough information to feel better about a change in direction. Fortunately my real estate advisor is a good friend with a vital professional and financial angle. Complete honesty is easy without feeling embarrassed. She could hear in my voice I don’t sound like myself and I admitted I have been in a hole for several months. I’ve come up a few times to peek over the edge, but not completely out. I want to find a way to enjoy life again and not feel like I’m sinking with this ship. These are my lifelong patterns with money, but it’s time to do whatever it takes to be...

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Evolution of Personal Blogging

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Personal Blogging Evolution of blogging has gone far from where it began. I want to honor and respect the original intention of blogs before businesses evolved it to a marketing gimmick and advertising medium. It’s about openly sharing our unique thoughts and experiences, not just writing something clever to promote your business. Well, I don’t have a business anymore (except Airbnb host). Blogging about personal thoughts, emotions, experiences and beliefs is my present intention. I want to share what’s important to me personally, but do it in a way that does not invade others’ privacy....

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Allow or Wallow in Depression

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Day two the depression fog rolls in, metaphorically and physically. It’s foggy, wet, dreary and dark this morning. I don’t feel like writing, maybe because I wrote a long time yesterday. Browsing past New Year’s journal entries as far back as I have digital files, that was enough digging to notice I don’t want to do that Echo Chamber Blog idea. I can’t believe what I was thinking just two years ago. Going back through the years, it’s like rising above myself as the observer and seeing it as the big picture. My moodiness is not just from day to day; there is an overall pattern of mood...

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