Take Control of Your Trances

Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 in dying, entertainment, Faster EFT, healing, heart, Robert Smith, Tapping, trauma, travel | 0 comments

This work is all too serious. My Point of Contact needs to stop taking everything so seriously and I need to help my clients do the same. I am exploring new ways to create laughter in sessions. Laughter is the best medicine and a great trance breaker. I teach Robert’s concept that we are Trance Monkeys and all those memories and feelings we tap away are just trances, not real, not happing now. Most of us live in whatever story or trance we are making up and telling ourselves in the moment. I instructed a client on how to use the Fake Laugh Technique and I used the monkey laugh from an iPad...

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Why Am I Not Healed Yet?

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I awoke with pain across my lower back. Now what! I tapped so I could get up. I still tap as I write and drink Maple Mocha. My mind/body system knows how to get my attention with similar symptoms that once disabled me. Just because I have pain today doesn’t mean the Fibromyalgia is back. It just means that’s how my system gets my attention to heal deeper. Besides, if I can tap it away once I can tap it away again. It’s frustrating when clients compare themselves to what they see in the videos. “Why am I not healed yet?” Please understand only the successes are posted. Not everyone gets it...

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Emotional Edge

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After my blog post last night I feel a sense of completion. Now I can post when and what I want and edit it however I need without mention of Morning Pages. Just put it up without working on it more than half an hour. Keep it simple. Who knows if anyone will even read it. I feel like I’m hiding my personal thoughts in plain sight, where no one will think to look. If someone wants to act like they really know me, they can follow my blog and use it as their resource, as if they are my best friend. Haha! Maybe I am their best friend. Sometimes being there for someone means not being there. I...

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The Eternal Question

Posted by on Oct 30, 2011 in cancer, Cheryl Canfield, death, dying, Emotion, Faster EFT, healing, Japan, Linda Esser, Louise Hay, Robert Smith, Tapping, trauma, travel | 13 comments

Linda Esser kept secrets. One that she kept from me was that I was her best friend. I did not consciously know that until others began to tell me after she died. Maybe she thought it was understood, but Linda never told me, and that alone speaks volumes about Linda. She was a very private person even with those who knew her best. My perception of a best friend is someone you share everything with. We were very close for two decades and I shared everything with her, but it didn’t seem to go both ways. I knew there was a lot she didn’t tell me, but I figured she was telling someone else. It...

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