Two Remarkable Surprises

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Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is a remarkable surprise. I have an hour of reflexology and an hour of JSJ. During the hour process of JSJ we don’t talk, there is no music, just lovely silence. Afterward I feel like I’ve had a full body massage. The only massage done was on my feet, nowhere else. After a light supper I sit at my MacBook in the dining room and fully notice the sensations in my body. It’s almost indescribable, since I’ve never felt quite like it before. It is a sense of every cell in my body having equal energy movement. I feel inwardly balanced, integrated and harmonious. I am aware of...

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Trash Or Treasure

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While making Maple Mocha my progression of thoughts led to a metaphoric big picture. After I sat down in the dining room to write, cardinals landed on the patio. Wow! I’ve never seen them so close to the house. They usually hang out in the yard. Now a huge red one landed on the patio table, and a small female. They keep flying away and coming back. I have no idea how many of them there are, because it is not the same ones that keep coming back. They each have a unique look to them either in color, weight or size. What a wonderful gift! I wonder what this nature message is for me today. Now...

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Don’t Hold Yourself Back

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Watching Tiffany and Heather is great for a lot of people, but there will be some who cannot relate to their stories when they can relate to others or mine. My parents were mostly calm, loving, supportive and encouraging. My childhood traumas were not so dramatic. There was no alcohol or drugs, no death threats or rape. Still, somehow I picked up some patterns of belief and behavior that led to similar symptoms showing up in my body. I know there are thousands like me who will not be able to relate to extremely violent childhoods. Those are the people I hope to reach. The world needs to hear...

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Keep It Simple

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Saturday I knew I wanted to pack and leave OKC as soon as possible so I did. I played with ideas in my head about what to do when I get home? I thought I still needed to sit with myself. As soon as I got home to an empty house all I knew is that I didn’t want to sit here alone yet. I had just spent four hours driving alone. Even after a week full of socializing and helping people I didn’t feel an intense need for silence or alone time. If Mother were here it would be different, but she’s not. I think it affected me more on this return than in October. I also noticed I felt Linda’s physical...

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Mining For Gold Nuggets

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I read from my 2001 journals for most of yesterday.  I think and hope that my writing has improved since then. At least I approach my Morning Pages differently. I gave up the rigid practice of writing only stream of consciousness. I do so much thought observation as a daily practice I’m fairly clear on what the repetitions are. I have mostly let go of my resistance to the palaver about the romantic fantasy landscapes that I used to dwell on. I wish now I had spent more time writing about how wonderful the Alaska landscapes are. Those are the nuggets I am mining for. Once again, the book...

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A Spontaneous Integration of FasterEFT, TRE, Fasting & Bodywork

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Death In My Face Sunday after Mom and I return from her younger sister’s memorial service, I open the suitcase of their dad’s letters. Postmark dates on top are the years each of my Grandparents died. Briefly I notice death is still in my face. Tuesday following, in the midst of a full day of clients and errands, I learn my friend is diagnosed with cancer. After Linda died I had fear about friends with secrets dying, but I released it with FasterEFT. This friend is not keeping it a secret and appears to be doing deep work to heal. On my walk I feel unusually thirsty, my legs feel hot and my...

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