About Grace

B. Grace Jones (Denali Dragonfly) is a stress relief expert. She teaches people simple coping skills to release stress, pain, fatigue, or problems by using a powerful system that totally changed her life. Grace experienced disabling symptoms for three years. After using the skills on herself she returned to full and vibrant health and now teaches others worldwide how to change their lives. Grace believes others may also change if they are willing and persistent. Because she continues her personal work daily, Grace believes, “If I can heal, you can too.” (Continue reading a short biography)

Grace was raised the youngest of four in a Christian home in Kansas by parents dedicated to education. Physical symptoms of stress began at age 17 and slowly increased to manifest in many ways.

As a young adult Grace began studies in personal and spiritual growth. In 1969 she was married and worked in Western Medical Healthcare for six years in Kansas and California. After three years at home raising children and a move to Oklahoma, healthcare seemed too stressful as a working mom. In 1979 she began a 27-year career in Graphic Design/Print Production. Her intention was to return to health care after the children were raised.

By the mid 1980s Grace was treated for individual symptoms that are now a medically recognized collection labeled Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue (FM/CFS). She joined 12-step fellowships in 1989, and enlarged her beliefs to include universal spiritual truth found in all religions.

After her 25-year marriage ended and their three children were raised, Grace began to search for a way to return to healthcare. Since the field had changed dramatically and had not effectively served her health needs, she began to study alternative therapies while continuing her graphics career. Motivated by more stress-related symptoms, she moved to Alaska in 1999 hoping to find a new life of personal peace.

Grace enlarged her personal growth and alternative health studies to seek wellness from symptoms that plagued her for decades. Her personal work evolved nicely, but she was stuck in advertising unable to find her way into a healing arts career. Her life, as she knew it, ended abruptly in 2005 when she became ill with Mononucleosis (EBV Epstein-Barr Virus). She could no longer work since EBV on top of FM/CFS symptoms created a relapse cycle for three years.

She searched for a way to heal, but only had minor results until her friend, Linda Esser introduced her to a meridian “tapping” method. In the first phone session with Linda the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes were so dramatic that Grace knew this would heal her if she practiced it daily on everything. In addition to personal practice she continued private sessions with Linda weekly for two months. Within six months she moved to Kansas, began training in Oklahoma and was certified as a FasterEFT Master Practitioner (Emotionally Focused Transformations). She continued to personally practice the skills daily and after two-and-a-half years completely healed the disabling symptoms.

Grace is a highly energetic and happy. Seven years after onset of EBV she is healthier than she’s ever been her entire adult life. She continues to create changes to live the life of her dreams. She works with clients privately to help them change and create the lives they want. She studies new processes to learn how to integrate ancient and innovative techniques into her personal and professional practice.

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