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Healed To Become A Healer (Final*)

Posted by on Oct 17, 2010 in Alaska, CFS, disability, EBV, Emotion, Family, Faster EFT, Fibromyalgia, Linda Esser, Mono, Recovery, Robert Smith, trauma, travel | 3 comments

Moving to Alaska began as a spectacular adventure. My life reached a peak I had never imagined possible. After my 40-hour workweek, I explored Alaska on weekends and holidays. I built a tight network of wonderful friends and was literally “On Top of the World.” Six years later my world came crashing down, dragging me into three years of total disability in the isolated, great white north. Ultimately, that led me to something even more spectacular. For two decades I pushed through pain, fatigue and various symptoms to work full time in Oklahoma. The diagnosis was Mitral Valve Prolapse, a...

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