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B. Grace Jones (Denali Dragonfly) is a stress relief expert. She teaches people simple coping skills to relieve stress, pain, fatigue, or whatever you don’t want in your life. It’s a simple, powerful system that totally changed her life. Grace was disabled for three years. After using the FasterEFT skills to heal herself, she now travels the world teaching others how to change their lives. Grace believes it is possible to address and release virtually any problem in your life with FasterEFT. Because she continues to do that on a daily basis, Grace declares, “If I can heal, you can too.” (Continue reading a short biography)

Grace’s Videos

Grace began posting videos on YouTube in 2007. Her Alaska nature walks were part of her healing practice before she was introduced to FasterEFT. Soon after Grace became a certified FasterEFT practitioner, she started posting videos about how she began to heal rapidly with FasterEFT. Amateur video clips from her first seminar are among the most viewed on her YouTube Channel. It shows that quality of content is more important than the presentation format. There is a wealth of FREE information available to help the world. When you subscribe to her Denali Dragonfly YouTube Channel, you can see Grace’s story unfold from the beginning and continue as she adds new videos. 

Private Sessions

What You Can Expect From Sessions With Grace

Each practitioner’s FasterEFT skills will vary based on experience and training. We all come into this work with different problems and symptoms to heal. Because my daily practice of FasterEFT healed what disabled me, teaching FasterEFT skills is the main focus of my sessions. Any practitioner guides you as far as their belief goes. I believe FasterEFT practiced daily with persistence has the power to change virtually anything. Click Here to Learn More OR Click Here to Buy A Session Now.

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